Venice Beach Boardwalk


Venice Beach stretching 1.5 miles down the coastline is a worldwide tourist location and is truly a place one must experience. Venice Beach has so much history to offer, most famous for it’s boardwalk from the glory days of  muscle beach, skateboarding, and it’s underground culture.   Venice Boardwalk in Southern California  is one of the most visited spots in the Los Angeles area for tourists and locals. Venice is a sign of uniqueness attracting people from all walks of life. Venice is known for it’s classic street performers  who are located throughout the boardwalk entertaining the crowds by break dancing, walking on broken glass, blowing fire, playing music or other various talents.  You can have your fortune read, get a temporary tattoo, have your name written on a grain of rice, go to a freak show, and so much more. For shopping  there are, clothes, tattoo, piercing, skate, surf, and smoking shops lined along the boardwalk. In addition there are a large number of street vendors selling a variety of arts of crafts. Venice is a one stop shop for almost all of your needs. The three-mile sandy beach compliments the boardwalk well and one can go to the beach and enjoy so much more at the same time.