Premier Los Angeles Homes

Accomplishing Goals & Exceeding Expectations

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Solution Orientated

We believe in sincere dedication and loyalty to our clients in order strive to build life long relationships. We put our clients needs leaps ahead of our own and ensure they are in the most knowledgeable and caring hands available.

Forward Thinking

We strive to see the forest before the trees and  to have a clear vision. This assists us in anticipating future hurdles and with this information we are better able to create a strategy to accomplish our clients goals with effortless efficiency.


Our creative genius lies in our  open mindedness and adaptation with the real estate industry. We grow with the times and remain on the forefront of technology to provide  clients with the most up to date tools and strategies to accomplish their goals.

Customer Support

High quality customer service is the lifeline of our company as it is in direct correlation with the referrals we receive. We bend to meet each clients needs and to ensure their voice is heard. Accomplishing our clients real estate goals is our priority.

Our Story.

Premier Los Angeles Homes was started by real estate professionals who have been in the industry for over a decade. We began our journey by assistant homeowners in keeping their home through tough times or avoiding foreclosure. Having of helped thousands of homeowners through these dark times we knew that we had so much to offer them through the good times as well. Our goal is accomplish each individuals goals in real estate by providing them with true dedication and experience.

  • Equity Sales 80%
  • First Time Home Buyers 50%
  • Mortgage Assistance 65%
  • Client Satisfcation 95%